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Hello internet goer! Welcome to my personal website! Here I offer you but a humble glimpse into my dreams, life goals, and passions. Enjoy.

My background: My father, Col Kirby, is in the Air force and thus I became accustomed to moving from an early age. I’ve lived in Davis, Minnesota, Texas, and most recently Murrieta (near Riverside). My travels have allowed me to meet a variety of people each with a unique story to tell, and I’ve tried my hardest to listen to every one of them. Through this I’ve learned that there is always value in an individual. The human experience is not meant to be carried out alone and I truly believe that the harder we listen to those around us, the more we hear and discover about ourselves. I’ve never felt that someone is not worth my time and I grow more frustrated as I see the lack of respect we continue to maintain we each other. We are all human after all are we not?



UC Berkeley | Curriculum Chair

Regents and Chancellor's Association

UC Berkeley | ROHP Coordinator


UC Berkeley | Executive Director

UC Berkeley ADTP

UC Berkeley | Teachers Assistant

Track and Field

Murrieta, CA | Tech Director

March Air Field Muesum

Murrieta, CA | IT

Email: zkirby@berkeley.edu
Phone: 210-875-0895 Linkein



I've conceived this idea after reading an article on the Education crisis with regards to Syrian Refugees (https://www.alaraby.co.uk/english/society/2016/9/7/syrias-education-crisis-2-7-million-children-out-of-school). I thought that with the release of such technologies as the $5 Rasberry Pi, it wouldn't be hard to invent a system of rules, procedures, and curriculums that could solve this crisis with technology. The GUI is built in GTK+3, but other modules such as Sympy, xml, and Tkinter were all used to implement the modules.


I built this for those of us (raises hand) who have trouble speeling and want a more adequate desktop application for helping us over come our spelling problems. Also works as a dictionary and in the future will be used for data analysis on an individuals spelling habbits to predict what words they will spell correctly/ incorrectly and possibly be used for Natural Language Processing. I enjoyed making this because it allowed me to "flex" a lot of the programming muscles I learned in 61a. I built this about 3 weeks into the course and got to use some cool concepts. For instance, all the text retrieved from the website is stored in a special data type that can be created on command and allows the application to keep a level of abstraction. Only the text data type knows how to look its own definition up and pass it to the GUI. Each component only knows as much information as it needs to, relying heavily on the new text data type to do all the work.


This application was developed as the second half of a trivia game meant to be played by two players. The program has a GUI built in pygame (hopefully moved to GTK+3 one day) that flashes trivia questions. If the player gets the question right, a car controlled by an Arduino Uno moves forward and flashes green lights. If the player answers 10 questions correctly they win. To play the game you can rase the clock or set up two computers to race against a friend. I constructed this a long time ago for a club rush in high school for the robotics team. The GUI in Pygame uses the Pyserial python module to push single letter commands (either an R or W) to an open serial port running on the Arduino. The data is then read in a continuous loop by the Arduino script until it receives something. It then executes some commands based on which letter was passed to the script.


A small but fun movie cataloguer sure to satisfy the Movie and SQL enthusiast in all of us. I built this system after realizing that sorting my movies by hand was getting well... a little out of hand. Has some cool features such as running a five number summary on ratings and some other cool statistical features. Built for those who want to sort and rank the movies they watch but need a database to do so. This was built with Python3 and with SQLite3


I constructed this website under the same premise as EduBox: provide easy and effective education. The MathTutor website itself, however, has some distinct features that are not present in many other tutoring websites. First, the MathTutor website is not ment to tutor, its ment for tutors. The tools on the website are meant to be used during live tutoring sessions and to train tutors who may have great knowledge of the content but lack the formal training to teach it. Second, the website is broken down into modules, much like the American education system, with each module upgraded and maintained by the community. Finally, the math tutor website is not just for high/middle school tutors, its for any and every grade level, including college. Meaning that students taking advance upper div courses will finally have a community to turn to should they need help. right now the website is simply a front-end only proof of concept. I plan to upgrade this website in the future and bring it under the EduBox family umbrella in the future.
Top Ten
Note this is not in any particular order

1) City of Gold

2) No Country for Old Men

3) The Social Network

4) Pulp Fiction

5) Silence of The Lambs

6) V for Vendetta

7) Blade Runner

8) Requiem for a Dream

9) Gamarroah

10) The Godfather I